How Far Can A Woman Go? Meet Homa!

Homa Steps Off The Jet at Napa Airport
Homa is an Afghan doll traveling the world as an Ambassador for Rising International. Named for the Afghan widow who created her, Homa is touring the globe to raise awareness about the plight of widows, and to promote economic and social equality for women worldwide.

Homa's exciting journey continues to unfold as she's being hosted by a network of friends and supporters. She poses a question to us all: How far can a woman go? How far can a woman go with an opportunity? With an education? Health care? Gender equality? Hope?

Homa with Claudia Villalobos, Margeret D'Arrigo-Martin, Chef Chiarello
and His Wife Eileen
Homa is receiving a royal reception every where she goes. When the folks at the Napa airport found out "Homa the doll" was arriving on Andy's Boy's private jet, airport staff rolled out the red carpet for her!

Homa made her debut at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine event. It was here that she met several celebrity chefs, including Chef Michael Chiarello. She couldn't pass up the opportunity to share her favorite Afghan receipe. Perhaps the next time you dine out, you'll find an Afghan dumpling on the menu!

The concept of Homa traveling the world began in Brooklyn at the Women's Funding Network Conference (WFN) in April of 2011. The WFN is one of the largest collaborative philanthropic networks in the world. Homa accompanied Rising International's Executive Director, Carmel Jud, to the conference. Carmel took photos of Homa on her first New York cab ride, on the subway, on the Brooklyn Bridge, and with various conference participants. On the subway, she met Laurel Parker West, Executive Director of the Long Island Fund for Women and Girls. Laurel offered to take Homa next, and the idea of Homa traveling the world was born.

Homa fans and followers are encouraged to follow Homa on her personal Facebook page, and to support the widows in Afghanistan by purchasing their dolls from Rising International. You can purchase a doll online, on this site, or host or attend a Rising International home party.

Homa With Brian Boitano
Chad Hawker, and
Rising's Own Carmel Jud
Homa Visits With
Joan Baez

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